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Marketing Uranus and Other Quandaries

Uranus is a rather unremarkable planet. It is the seventh of eight planets from the sun in our solar system. It has the third largest radius and fourth largest mass. It is considered an ice planet with a surface temperature of around -224 °C, which gives it a rather boring pale blue hue. And, according to images taken from Voyager 2, Uranus has the appearance of a featureless planet.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room—the name Uranus. Generations of school kids have giggled over that name and who could blame them? So, the question is how would you market Uranus?

The reality is most of us work on unremarkable brands with serious flaws just like Uranus. Even the sexiest brands struggle to stay relevant in this rapidly changing universe. Remember, cute little Pluto was kicked out of the neighborhood because it couldn’t meet the requirements of planetary membership (our solar system is a pretty exclusive club). It takes work to stay relevant.

The purpose of this blog is to offer unique perspectives and practical solutions to grow your business. It will address topics involving marketing, growth strategies, successful business practices and the psychology of decision-making.

The information presented in the blog comes from legitimate sources through the research I’ve done in writing my book, PERSUADED by The Seven Deadly Sins of Decision-Making and Influence and from my 20+ years of personal experience working with companies ranging in size from start-up to billion dollar brands.

This blog is meant to be a resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and marketers alike. Sign up today to receive posts via email.

Oh, and if you have any creative ideas on how to prevent Uranus from becoming a Pluto, please send them to me. I’ll post my favorites on the blog.



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