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The Importance Of Thanksgiving

With the holidays upon us (and stress levels rising), I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the importance of Thanksgiving. What I love about this holiday is that it is universally appealing. One doesn’t need to be affiliated with any particular faith or belief system to appreciate the benefits of giving thanks. And, yes, being thankful is beneficial.

As Shawn Achor writes in The Happiness Advantage, gratitude is a key to happiness. The holiday of Thanksgiving can bring the frustrations of travel, strained relationships and perceived obligations. What often gets lost is the act of giving thanks is a beautiful and powerful concept. And, when we publicly show our appreciation for someone we care for, we extend the gift of happiness to him or her as well. How’s that for a win-win?

Thanksgiving is important. Let’s do it the right way this year. I’ll get things rolling. Here are just a few of the people I’m thankful for….

  • Kellie for all your love and support

  • Alex and Zoe for breathing life into my old soul every day

  • Mom and Dad for the example you set

  • The Boys for being in the circle of trust. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without close friends

  • My amazing neighbors (who have become extended family) for demonstrating how a community can and should support each other. You are an inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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